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 Hearts and Spade is a social enterprise that aims to spread the joy of gardening and support refugees. We offer a collection of gardening services and products that equip home gardeners to grow and enjoy cut flowers, yard to table.





Mompreneur, artist and recovering perfectionist. 


When my grandma (a gardener) got sick in 2015, I sent flowers. Disgusted by the options, I dreamed of starting a seasonal flower delivery service. I threw myself into floral design and more than learning about color, composition, structure and texture… working with flowers taught me the importance of slowing down, paying attention, being present and practicing mindfulness. It taught me the power of cultivating and celebrating beauty. 


When we moved into our first house, I started gardening to grow specialty varieties that are hard to find and expensive. Beyond discovering a new hobby, I unearthed a needed sanctuary amidst a constant stream of demands and distractions (did you know the average iPhone user touches her phone 2617 times a day?!).


Gardening became a gateway into more green time and less screen time and a particular place of refuge during COVID as I reaped its proven therapeutic benefits like: reducing stress and anxiety, promoting mindfulness, building agency, and more…


During this time, an idea began to take root, then grew: Hearts and Spade was born to connect others to the therapeutic benefits of gardening while supporting one of the world’s most vulnerable and inspiring populations: refugees. 

We offer a collection of garden-inspired products that give back (including gardening kits, botanical prints and custom garden designs) and provide the building blocks for home gardeners to cultivate cut flowers with year-round landscape appeal.

In the end, we hope to point to something beyond the fading beauty of flowers and we're constantly learning, and growing (in lots of ways), through the process... 


We hope you'll join us. 


Our work wouldn't be possible without the support of others. Alongside a host of individuals, here are a few partners we are especially grateful for...

MC Brownfield


Most photos on this site are credited to this multi-talented,

Atlanta-based photographer



Wood Carving

Our wooden calendar stands are handcrafted by Najib whose story and talent are equally inspiring

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