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We proudly support the following organizations. 

The following organizations are committed to supporting refugees, who are survivors of war, conflict, and displacement, in overcoming cultural and systemic barriers in order to achieve healthy, self-sufficient, and fulfilling lives. If you're looking to donate or get involved, we can’t recommend them enough.

Lemon Tree Trust.jpeg

 The Lemon Tree Trust is transforming refugee camps, one garden at a time. Gardening is a powerful therapeutic tool, addressing issues of isolation and mental health, producing beauty, belonging, food security, and promising economic stimulation. They pilot agricultural businesses and gardening initiatives in refugee communities, creating employment and restoring cultural identity, dignity and purpose. Their long-term vision is to expose every refugee camp in the world to garden competitions and to encourage self-sustaining ventures run by and for refugees. Through the provision of seeds and plants, they empower social and economic change.

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Tekton Career Training offers certified training in construction trades alongside leadership development and mentorship for career placement. Tekton exists to serve communities of the displaced and disadvantaged and their trainees represent more than 25 different countries - each with unique stories and diverse backgrounds.

Refugee Women's Network Flower Arranging Class

Refugee Women's Network is a non-profit organization created by women, for women to serve refugee and immigrant families who have resettled in the state of Georgia. For 25 years, RWN has been the only organization in Georgia that specifically meets the needs of refugee women. Their mission is to support women survivors of war, conflict, and displacement in overcoming cultural and systemic barriers to achieving healthy, self-sufficient, and fulfilling lives.

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Global Growers Network partners with people from diverse cultures to grow fresh food for their families and for local marketplaces. Together they build and sustain networks of growers, land, resources, and markets in order to create a more equitable food system that is driven by cultural diversity, inclusive economies, and regenerative agriculture practices.

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