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A garden is more than a pretty backdrop. It’s a place of refuge, a picture of hope, a tiny piece of paradise that points to something bigger. 


It doesn’t have to be big or grand to be beautiful and inviting. We are passionate about transforming spaces into places that offer sanctuary and a sense of home to everyone they touch. 


We would be honored to help you create such a place with a Garden Consult or a Design Package.



Garden Consult

This 1-hour site visit is a time to review garden goals, tour your space, evaluate lighting conditions and discuss recommendations around how to prioritize landscape goals, along with ideas on what to plant, where. It's a time for questions, troubleshooting and brainstorming your dream set up.


Following the consult, you will receive a written summary of the visit.

Wilmington, NC only

Starting at $145


Supervised Design Install

Our design plans are ready to execute - whether by home gardener or landscape crew. We are available to oversee and direct design installations.

Wilmington, NC only

Pricing varies by space and needs


Custom Garden Design

A custom garden design can be requested following a Garden Consult. With your goals, conditions and preferences in mind, we'll create a detailed planting plan (think "plant by number") to guide the install and provide a recommended timeline specific to your space and wants. Design Packages also include 6 months of garden coaching - in which we are available to answer questions, offer tips, recommendations, etc.

Wilmington, NC only

Pricing varies by space and needs


Custom Containers

Let us design and install a seasonal entryway, poolside planter, or meet any potted planting need. Whether for your garden or a gift, there's a custom container for everyone.

Wilmington, NC only

Pricing varies by space and needs

“Plant a garden in which you can sit when digging days are done. It may be only a small garden, but you will see it grow. Year by year it will bloom and ripen. Year by year it will be better cultivated. The weeds will be cast out. The fruit-trees will be pruned and trained. The flowers will bloom in more beautiful combinations. There will be sunshine there even in winter-time, and cool shade, and the play of shadow on the pathway in the shining days of June”

Winston S. Churchill

Schedule a Consult

Thank you for your interest in a garden consult or custom design.

Please fill out the below form and we'll be in touch to confirm availability

Thanks for interest in our gardening services! We will be in touch soon.

We've wanted to work on landscaping for a while but didn't know where to start! Michelle did a complete analysis of our yard and created a plan that we loved, taking into account our goals and budget, even though we have a ton of shade and it was pretty tricky! 

Christy K.

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